“Writing is perhaps the best way of de-stressing, but if done with an adulteration of the feelings and/or with an expectation of an appreciation then it only and eventually leads to frustration.”

― Anuj Somany 

I’ve been told by some (and maybe even more who haven’t ) that I can be rather opinionated and sometimes (probably all too often) lack filters on what and when and to whom I express them.

I’ve also been told that it’s probably because I like the sound of my own voice.

And that I come across as a know-it-all.

Well, I dont. Know-it-all, I mean. And I’ve really never “liked” the sound of my voice, it sounds a little pitchy and rises a bit when I get excited.

And I do, admittedly, get excited discussing opinions.

And yes, I have more than a few. Doesn’t everyone? I mean, how can a thinking person not?  How else does a thinking person learn, other than in the give-and-take of ideas?

Filters? I’m working on that.

Maybe that’s why I write. It is – for me – the best way of de-stressing.

I can opine to my heart’s content, I can let words describe my excitement without a vocal-sound turn-off, and the reader can metaphorically walk away from me by merely stopping reading.

So no, I don’t have any expectations of appreciation for what I write, nor am I frustrated if I don’t get any feedback via comments.

My only objective in writing is to discover just what my thoughts are.

And you like them as well, that’s a bonus.

–  Bill


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