Making the Cut

My son, the Peace Officer, texted that he’d just qualified with a new pistol his department is replacing their current sidearm with, and he wasn’t happy with his near-perfect score of 42 out of 45.

I texted back something that his brother, my other son, the Golf Professional, once told me: “It only matters if you make the cut. Score doesn’t matter.”

In qualifying for a tournament in golf, the “cut” is based on how well (or how poorly) everyone above you does and the number of slots available. If they have a bad score for them and you have a good score for you, well, you have a chance to make the cut.

Golf is a metaphor for success in life; do your best, stay honest, stay in the game and sometimes you win.

Sometimes not.

But if you’re alive and well, are making a living with food in your belly and a roof over your head, some creature comforts, and one or two who call you friend, you’ve made the cut.

– Bill



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