The Selling of America

“It’s all about aligning (the parks and private companies) with the values of authenticity [the park service represents]…The American narrative.”

– Jeff Reinbold

Reinbold, the National Park Service’s associate director for partnerships and civic engagement offered this as an explanation of Director Jonathon Jarvis’ order (to take effect at the end of this year) to allow Corporate America to get recognition for business “donations” to the Congressionally underfunded 411 national parks, monuments and conservation areas.

Company names will not – but their logos will – be allowed to be visably prominent on things such as buses and trams, bear-proof foodlockers, benches, paving sones, even walls in visitor centers.

Imagine buses and trams wrapped in the Michelin Man or every trash receptacle emblazoned with the Nike swoosh, because they “donate” a gift of “$100,000 or up to $5 million” (amounts mentioned by Reinbold.)

I mean, it’s all about “authenticity” and being honest and transparent, isn’t it?

It’ll be part of  the “American narrative”, informing the tens of millions of foreign visitors sightseeing in our national parks every year that here, in America, everything has a monetary value and every thing is for sale (cash preferred, thank you.)

Because, God bless America, the Dollar is our God.

You know the next step after allowing advertising is outright selling. We already sell naming rights to our sports stadiums and municipal convention centers (just as examples.)

Why not our national treasures?

Why shouldn’t there be a Yosemite Coca-Cola Valley? Or a Washington Toyota Monument? Here’s an easy one: Ford Motors Theater (for Fords Theater, where Lincoln was shot, in Washington, D.C.)

Corporate America already owns our Congress. Shouldn’t be too hard to get the politicians on board.

Just a few more “donations”.

– Bill


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