Politically, I am a Progressive.

“Ah, a Liberal,” you say. 

“Only somewhat,” I say, and add, “I’m also somewhat a Conservative.”

“How’s that? Please explain.”

“My pleasure.”

Progressives have been getting a bad rap by most political commentators and their ignorance is almost slanderous – Progressive is not another word for Liberal. They tend to join them on some things, but are the moderating influence, the brakes (if you will) to that train rushing forward and that of the Conservatives going in reverse.

In general terms, where Conservatives value tradition and the past, and Liberals value change and the future, Progressives value both; unlike the far Right that loathes change and the far Left that loathes the status quo, Progressives believe there are some traditions worth holding onto while recognizing that some change is inevitable.

Rather than doggedly clinging to the past and eschewing all change, or rushing pell-mell towards some pie-in-the-sky utopia and eschewing our roots, Progressives accept change, but only change that is useful – practical and pragmatic – nothing stays the same but change must be incrementable, change must be managed, there must be a working solution that balances past and future.

That’s progress. Hence the name, Progressive.

It’s a middle-of-the-road approach to things. It’s where you’ll find, I believe, most Americans. 

Unfortunately, it’s not where you’ll find many politicians, especially in Congress. There are a few on both sides of the political fence, but you’d never know it.

Moderates – Progressives (Republican and Democrat) – are marginalized by their respective party powers.

No wonder nothing gets done in Washington. 

Our system swings left and right, but never balanced in the middle.

– Bill



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