One Day At A Time

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”

– Tom Robbins

For most children, life is full of joy and fun: everything they see around them, every new person they meet, every new thing they find, every new experience that happens, is wonderous and exciting. 

They live one day at a time, they need no future beyond today. They don’t make plans, they have no expectations, each new day is just that – new, sure to be exciting.

Their world is happy.

And then they grow up.

For most adults, life is something else: They know there are tomorrows, so they make plans, they make expectations they think must be met if each tomorrow is to be what they hope for.

And it often turns out that it’s not, all their plans and expectations don’t come to be.

And their world is not happy.

But it could be.

If they would just only see the world through the eyes of their inner child, with no plans or expectations, and live just one day at a time, they would again find joy in the here and now, where they are and with whoever is in their life.

That may be childish.

But they would be happy.

– Bill



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