I’m no Einstein

“You know, sometimes kids get bad grades in school because the class moves too slow for them. Einstein got D’s in school.”

― Bill Watterson

I can imagine school being slow for Einstein, especially in maths and sciences, he understanding everything before it’s even explained to the rest of the class, him muttering, “Uh huh” under his breath, and then going off somewhere else in his mind and being completely indifferent to his grades in other subjects for lack of interest.

For me, early on, school went much too fast, especially in maths and sciences, where I barely kept pace with the speed those classes were taught, I often muttering, “Huh?” under my breath, trying to keep up, trying not to go off somewhere else in my mind, to subjects I was interested in.

It was usually in the middle of the next year that I’d have that “Ah Hah!” moment of understanding of what I’d been taught the prior year in math or science. Of course, by that time I was already half a year behind and muttering “Huh?” again at the next level of those subjects. But long before the end of my schooling, there were no more “Ah Hah” moments, advanced levels of maths and sciences had completly escaped my ken.

I got more than my fair share of A’s and B’s in everything else, but I also got more than my fair share of D’s in maths and sciences to graduate with only a 2.8 GPA. If they hadn’t been required I’d have never taken them, and may have graduated with honors!

Obviously I’m no Einstein, but I have proved one unscientific theory: it’s possible to happily and successfully go through life not understanding one damn thing about math or science.

Yet I’m happy there are those who do. They make life better in so many ways.

So my thanks to all the mathematicians and scientists out there. May the rest of us, in turn, make your life better through our art, music, and literature.

And which category best describes you?  Are you more left or right brained? Or are you one of those rarities, a “Renaissance Man”, equally proficient in both arts and sciences?

– Bill


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