Just Wondering

“Based upon your responses to this screening measure, you are most likely suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder.”


In my post of 7/15, I noted that their test for ADD/ADHD showed that I have a high likelihood of having adult ADD (and ADHD, as my subscores for both were the same).

Since sometimes I feel like I may be just a little off compared to others, I took their schizophrenia test (http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/ocdquiz.htm). Results say that I’m okay in that area.


So, just for the fun of it, knowing that I often feel compelled to do certain things until I am more or less comfortable, I took their Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) test.

Well, wouldn’t you know… (See quote at top). I scored a 19. Anything over 12 isn’t good news.

But the good new is the article by Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D., “Is It ADHD, OCD or both?” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephanie-sarkis-phd/is-it-adhd-ocd-or-both_b_887220.html):

“Sometimes people with ADHD tend to have what look like compulsive tendencies. This is because we’ve learned to overcompensate for difficulties that we’ve experienced with distraction, disorganization and inattention. For example, when I shut the trunk of my car, I look to make sure my keys are in my hand. I also check that the stove is turned off after I’ve been using it and about to leave the house. I don’t do those things because I have a compulsion; I have tendency to misplace my keys, so I want to make sure that I know that they’re with me and in my hand before I shut the trunk of the car, and I check the oven because I’ve left it on before when I was at home. So there are some things that people with ADHD do to compensate for having problems with attention, focusing and forgetfulness.”


It’s bad enough to think that maybe my possible ADD is why I sometimes lose my car keys; it’s comforting to know that my repeatedly checking that I have them isn’t OCD, just overcompensating for my tendency to forget; and a great relief to know that I don’t think I don’t need them, that I can just use my super powers to start the car.

To iterate what I wrote about the ADD test, “I’m not going to accept any of this as proof that I do have ADD, nor do I blindly and foolishly believe everything I read on the Net.”

But I do exhibit the requisite behaviors.

I wonder if they have a test for hypochondria?

– Bill



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