Politics and Climate

“The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says globally…2016 to date is by far the warmest year on record, close to 2.7 degrees warmer (1.5 degrees Celsius) than pre-industrial times.”

– The Associated Press

“The Republican Party platform adopted Monday night would bring a total about-face on U.S. energy and climate policy…The GOP…calls coal ‘clean’, pledges to reverse a Supreme Court ruling on the scope of the Clean Air Act, seeks to open up vast amounts of federally protected public lands and waters to oil, gas and coal exploitation, rejects the Paris climate accord and Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and opposes a carbon tax. [T]he platform tosses aside an environmental regulatory structure built on congressional legislation and judicial rulings over more than four decades, dating back to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Richard Nixon. The…platform would limit agencies’ power to make rules to carry out legislation. And it would seek to bar the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide emissions, a power the Supreme Court said unambiguously in a 2007 ruling that the agency possessed.”¬†

– (The Fresno Bee, “GOP platform would reverse U.S. energy and climate policy”, compiled from the McClatchy Washington Bureau, The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times)

That’s some of the news today.


It’s hotter than Hell here in California’s Central Valley, record high temperatures and little-to-no water for the past five years all together, this year we’ve seen weeds and critters (lizzards) in our yards that heretofore have only been seen in the desert areas, and by all reckonings it’s only going to get worse even under the policies, rules, regulations and accords already in place.

And the Party of Denial (aka, GOP), who believes global warming is a lie, wants to make it worse just so their financial benefactors – Big Business, specifically the coal and oil industries – can operate without restrictions and oversight.

How dumb is that?

It just makes me hotter.



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