Weird Politics

“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

― Karl Marx

Just to be perfectly clear, I have no truck with communism.

But give the devil his due. 

Marx makes a point, and while he was speaking about the rich and powerful over the common worker (which is nontheless as true of our political system as was his), I’m going to frame it as party-within-party and party-vs-party.

One party’s national convention has concluded and the other is now underway.

Those who have felt “oppressed” or otherwise dissatisfied with the current government, in this case the Republicans, have picked the candidate they believe will change things, while rejecting the status quo of their own party.

Conversely, those who are content with the statu quo, in this case the Democrats, have rejected the candidate within their party who would change things, even within their own party.

Regardless of which of the two party’s candidate is eventually elected president, some significant percentage of the two party’s respective membership, and the population overall, is going to feel “oppressed” or “repressed”.

Both by the winning party and by their own party.

Can’t please everyone, can you?

How much weirder would it be if you could!

– Bill



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