Stupid Mistakes

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”

― Napoléon Bonaparte

On the left hand we have someone who stupidly used a personal (and therefore relatively unsecured) email server to pass back-and-forth sensitive and secret government data. 

On the right hand we have someone who stupidly says whatever is in his stream of consciousness at the moment, who lacks filters and forethought, publically insulting women, Mexicans, Muslims, and the handicapped while praising the leadership styles of foreign dictators.

Now, every one of us has done or said something stupid. I know I have. We’re only human. And most of us learn from our acts of stupidity and do not repeated the mistake. 

I have a degree of confidence that the one will in the future use only secure government servers.

I’m not so confident the other can change. Maybe, if elected, he will grasp the gravitas of the office and speak (would it be too much to expect him to also think and act?) “presidential”.

The American electorate has, by and large, elected many of greatness to our highest office. Ocassionally we have elected to the presidency people who turned out to be demonstrably unfit for the office and embarrassed us before the world.

I worry about that happening again.

And, if that happens, we’ll have to live with that stupid mistake for four years.

– Bill




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