Savoring the Differences

“Similar to siblings, French Fries all stem from the same family, the potato family. Yet each and every one is different. A different shape, a different flavor, a different purpose, etc. Now, despite all these differences, each French fry in the batch will share a similar origin story. However, the outcome will be unique. The point is to have patience with your sibling French fry and realize that life imprints differently on each and every one of us. Some of us will be salty, some of us will be peppered, but in the end we are all just trying to catch up.”

― Hannah Hart

(“Catch up.” Get it? “Ketchup?” I love a pun.)

Siblings are somewhat different yet somewhat alike, from the same origin but each having a distinct “flavor” and they need to be patient and accepting of each other’s (at times different) tastes.

Just as parents come to recognize the individual personalities of each of their kids, how each has his or her distinctive “flavor” and need to be savored individually.

Just as we all should recognize that everyone in the world is the same as ourselves, just seasoned differently.

– Bill


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