“The first duty of a man is to think for himself.”

― José Martí

And to be fair, of a woman, also.

This quote may see to be in contradiction to what I last wrote about the necessity to look to others – for either validation or correction – in order to know what we feel, think or believe.

In no wise did I mean that we should merely accept as true, and therefore adopt as our own thoughts, what others say.

As I wrote in my July 19th post (“Listening to the Opinions of Others”), we all listen to others, especially those we trust. Whether it be politics or religion or anything else, unless we have made it our full-time study, none of us knows anything well enough to speak intelligently or knowledgeably, or to be sure of what we think.

The gist of what I said was we should simply seek input to either validate or correct our thoughts.

And by weighting that input, come to the decision as to what is true to us.

That is what today’s quote says – thinking for ourselves, not just believing what others tell us.

Not being a lemming following the crowd off a cliff; not being a sheep following the Judas goat to slaughter.

– Bill




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