Joyful Misery

“A wise man once said…nothing comes without a price.”

– Bernajoy Vaal 

This morning I awoke at three, struggling to breathe, coughing and choking on phlem like a drowning man.

An asthma attack.

Struggle out of bed, find my inhaler, take two puffs, back to bed. Now sufficiently awake, it took what seemed hours (but what was probably about twenty minutes) before I got to sleep again.

Never had asthma until two years ago. Doctor told me it’s because I live in the Central Valley, lined on three sides by high mountains that trap and stagnate toxic air created by all our agriculture (dust, pesticides, etc.) and wind blown smog from the Bay area via Sacramento down the northern neck of the bottle, and the smoke – being heavier than air flows downward into the valley – from the many wild-fires in the surrounding mountains. He said anyone living here long enough will either develop it or chronic sinusitis, or some other respiratory malady.

So don’t even think of moving here. And if you live here already, please stay – I’d miss you greatly (misery loves company, as they say).

But I’m glad I moved here, asthma notwithstanding.

Had I not, I would never have met and married my soul-mate, have two wonderful sons, two delightful daughter-in-laws, and six beautiful grandchildren.

If asthma and whatever it brings is the price I have to pay for all that, I’ll consider it a bargain.

– Bill


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