“If college students had compiled the Bible, God wouldn’t have created the world in seven days. He would have waited until right before it was due and pulled an all-nighter.”

– Frank Stewart

So who’s to say He didn’t?

In the English Bible, the Hebrew word “yom” was mis-translated into “day” and, as used in the biblical prose of Genesis (and elsewhere), yom means “a period of time”, it is indefinite, it can mean any amount of time; only in poetic form could yom connote a single lunar or solar day.

He kicked off creating things with the Big Bang almost fourteen billion years ago, and our Earth is just four and a half billion – toddler-aged among the ten thousand billion billion habitable (and I wonder how many are inhabited) planets in the observable universe, the vast majority many millions of years older than our wet rock.

And since one of His attributes is All-Knowing, He had to know from before time (time only beginning with the Big Bang) that He was going to make our little planet, Earth. So why did He let almost ten billion years go by first?

One of those “Oh…Me! I forgot!” moments (I mean, yoms)?

I can almost imagine Him saying to Himself, “A few days, a few billion years? All yom to Me!”

I rather like that concept. I’ve never seen any reason to be in a hurry about anything (except, maybe, to get home after work). Who needs the stress? If it’s important, it’ll get done. And if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter if it’s done at all.

Besides really good food, our Mexican brothers and sisters have given us something else – a really good understanding of when something that’s not life-or-death important needs to be attended to.

“Quizas manana.”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

Or, yom.

– Bill


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