Behind the Door

“There are things known

and there are things unknown

and in between are the doors.”

― Jim Morrison

I suppose if anyone knows about doors, it’s Jim Morrison (pun intended).

I’ve often found them daunting, there’s something about them that has always held a certain uncomfortable fascination about them; it matters not how plain or fancifully adorned, their sole purpose is to either keep you in or to keep others out. And to expand on Jim’s thought, as a metaphor for life…

Doors, doors, doors.

Everywhere I turn there’s another damned door.

Some are locked, keeping me out, make me wonder why.

Others, so wide open, make me suspicious to enter in.

Some I’ve entered before and are comforting.

Others I’ve entered before and never want to again.

Doors, doors, doors.

If I could only know what’s on the other side.

Before I open the door.

Damned doors.

– Bill


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