How you eat is what you are?

“The way you treat your food on your plate is a reflection of the way you treat people in your life. Learning how to dine teaches you not just how to eat but how to treat people.”

― Rajiv Talreja

I’m not sure where I’m going to go/with this quote, so/I’m just going to go/with the Muse’s flow:

I’ve noticed that there are three basic kinds of eaters, each looks at a plate of food and decides how to proceed. One will eat all of either the meat or the vegetable or the carb first and then all of another, and then all of the third, separately; the second will eat a bite of everything in rotation; the third will just mix and mash everything and eat everything together.

Also, the first, who eats one thing at a time, usually doesn’t like the separate items to ever touch each other; the second, who rotates, doesn’t care so much; the third, who mixes, obviously cares less about what proportion of what is in every mouthful. And I’ve noticed that people, in general, fall into the second category.

And, having said all that, I suddenly now realize I’ve never really been aware until now that I watch other’s eating habits so closely!

But anyway, if the quote’s proposition is true, that how we take our food is an indication of how we take people, what does that say about us, about me?

I’m the one who usually eats one thing at a time and really doesn’t like one thing touching another. Does this mean that I only really enjoy one-on-one’s with people, am uncomfortable in group settings, and shun mass events whenever possible?

Yep, that’s me.

I’m sure all the psychiatrists out there can find a deeper meaning, like I’m just shy, or basically anti-social, or have some kind of phobia or neurosis, or maybe my mother breast-fed me too long, or whatever, I don’t know. 

Or care.

So to continue the analogy, I guess the second types enjoy small get-togethers and the third are really party animals.

Thinking of how you take your plate, does it accurately describe how you are socially?

– Bill


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