The Values We Teach Our Children

“Young people, nowadays, imagine that money is everything.”

― Oscar Wilde

From an article in the Fresno Bee:

I have a job where I make a lot of money but I want to retire early. We could live comfortably on my retirment and investments, but the problem is my teen-age children who don’t want to hear about having to cut back on their luxuries.

From an Associated Press release:

The new Chase Sapphire Reserve Card is made of metal that makes an impressive thunk when you toss it onto the table to pick up the check. Millennials are clamoring for it.

From me:

I don’t know whether to worry about our youth’s obsession over money and luxuries and status symbols or to wonder where their parent’s minds where when raising them.

Probably on the same things.

That’s where they learned it.

– Bill


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