An Employee’s Lament

(Dogbert):  “How was work today?”

(Dilbert):  “Are you being sarcastic? You know my life is an endless string of useless tasks orchestrated by idiots. Why do you even ask?”

(Dogbert):  “I like hearing it.”

(Dilbert):  “Your honesty is not refreshing.”

– “Dilbert”, by Scott Adams (1/11/2016).

I’m a huge fan of this comic strip. 

Dilbert is very capable at his job and has good ideas for company improvement that for the most part are ignored by his boss who, while educated, has never actually done the job he oversees and who tries to disguise his lack of understanding by implementing countless new impractical programs, silly time wasting meetings and team-building exercises, and using meaningless invented buzzwords, all the while either ignoring his subordinates or using them to his own ends regardless of the consequences to the company, employees or customers.

I imagine most everyone who has ever held a job has been a Dilbert at some point.

I know I was, I had my fair share of idiots for a boss, and I remember coming home every day to the same question from my wife that Dogbert asked.

And now that I’m retired and she’s still working, I’m her Dogbert with the same question every day when she comes home.

And I get the same response I always gave her…(something like Dilbert’s first response above).

So why do I ask?

Because I like hearing it. Not because I want her to be frustrated at her job, I wish she wasn’t; I just like knowing that my work-life wasn’t exceptional, it was apparently typical of most jobs.

But I’d never tell her that.

I don’t think she’d find my honesty to be refreshing.

– Bill


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