Placing The Blame Where It Belongs

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

I read in today’s paper an OpEd piece by a local young man and I just have to comment on it.

He castigated the educational system for the plight of so many “young people of color” – including himself – who were and are being subjected to “school pushout” (his term for suspensions and expulsions), denying him/them “from receiving education and opportunities”, simply for “minor misbehaviors, like ‘defiance’ or acting out”, defacing school property and “getting smart with teachers”.

I guess he doesn’t understand the principles of discipline and “cause and effect”, that had he not engaged in the “misbehaviors” he cited there wouldn’t have been reason to, in his own words, suspend him “more times than I can count”. And it’s not because the school system was out to get him and others “of color” as he apparently believes when he draws the comparison of a higher percentage of students “of color” suspended compared to “white” student suspensions.

Considering the school district is 90% “of color”, logically, if someone is suspended, it’ll probably be a student “of color”. I just don’t see a nefarious conspiracy here. So being “of color” has nothing to do with it.

If he is so concerned about the loss of education opportunities while suspended, he and every student should know this:

Your job, if you want an education and the future opportunities it gives, is to go to school every day and on time, sit still, open your ears and shut your mouth, pay attention, do the work assigned, and obey teachers and staff. 

And stop playing the victim, blaming others for your own failures. Unless it’s your parents for not teaching proper respect.

– Bill


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