What The Photos You Take Reveal About You

“Capture every moment of your life.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita

Back in the day of film, I’d never been one to take pictures, too much trouble to lug around a really good camera and all the attachments needed, never really satisfied with the picture quality from a cheap-o camera I could stick in a pocket (and never having enough pockets anyway for everything else I seem to need), and simply too lazy to take the film for developing and then sorting prints into albums just to store them away and then later having to sort through them to find the pic I wanted to see.

Then came digital cameras that resolved all those issues except that it was still something oversized that I had no pocket for and required me to download my pics to my computer/laptop for storage, which meant I still had to go somewhere when I wanted to look at them.

Then the advent of the smart phone. Now-a-days, that 6″x3″x1/4″ protrusion in my pocket is (besides a handy computer and personal assistant) more of a camera than a phone.

So now I take pictures. Lots of them. Mostly of my grandkids, but other things too. And the neatest part is no developing, no physically sorting or albums (that accomplished with a mere few finger clicks on the phone), I can find any one of my pics virtually instantly (I have a very large memory card), and I can share them with anyone with a touch of a button. even print them myself, if I’m of a mind.

I’m not like a lot of folk who try to capture every moment of my life like some kind of a visual diary and, like many, want to share those moments with the world via social media like Facebook. No inference of judgment implied to those that do, I’m just not the type.

But maybe those that are might want to think about it. Including my fellow bloggers on WordPress – the following article was specifically addressed to you (but is applicable to everyone):

http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/this-map-plots-the-geocoordinates-you-may-have-accidentally-left-behind-in-digital-photos  (click “Okay” in the box when asked to enable WebGL, then “No Thanks” in the “Subscribe” box and the article will appear.)

You may not care if the world can track your whereabouts via your uploaded pics. God knows our current location is known by any number of players – from our mobile phone provider to various apps you may have downloaded to your phone, and certain national intelligence agencies (the NSA comes to mind) – unless you turn your phone’s GPS location service off (and the nosey can still get a general idea of where you are simply by pinging your phone if they have your number).

But why make it easy for them?

My advice? Strip your pics of geocoordinates, date and time, before you post them.

If you don’t, somebody you may rather not will capture every moment of your life.

Date, time, location.

Do you really want to live your own personal “The Truman Show”?

– Bill


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