A Fan of Readers

“Readers are often fans of Authors, but I, myself, am a fan of readers. They are the ones who breathe life into the pages that we give birth to, after all.”

― Janae Mitchell

To all those who read my blog, to all those who have “liked” something I’ve written, to all those who are “following” my blog…

Thank you.

As you may have read in the “About” section in the “Menu” at the top of my blog site, I’ve been writting a private blog for years and my readers there encouraged me to go public with this blog. At first I resisted, I explained that I really didn’t feel the need to do so, I was writing only because they asked me to continue something I began as a whimsy and of my need to write, to slake some inner itch.

But you understand that, don’t you, if you write yourself, of that inner itch?

And yet, having gone public, and having you let me know you like what I’ve had to write, it validates my efforts.

So you have all become somewhat important to me, especially those of you that live somewhere outside the US – in Ireland, England, Italy, India, Kenya, China, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia and elsewhere.

Thank you. It tells me that what I have to say has meaning outside of what Americans might want to read.

I hope that my writings continue to interest you and that, if you’d rather not leave a comment, you’d email me at owlnest.wh@gmail.com and tell me what you find interesting about my post(s) so that I’d have an idea about what more I could write that interests you.

And, naturally, that goes to my fellow American readers, as well.

I remain, as always,

Your fan.

– Bill


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