Feeling Loved

“Grandchildren are their grandparents’ toys.” 

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

And, Joy.

No deep “Thought” today, just a sharing of a few all too brief minutes.

(As I wrote in my August 6th blog entry, “There Are No ‘Steps’ in Our House”, my son and his wife are a blended family,  her four and their two. But in “Papa’s house”, the term “step”-anything is verboten. This is another memory, about the two “middles”, one so elfin and one so pixie-ish, both so full of personality, who have given me their love and affection unreservedly since we became family, as have their older brother and sister, all taken into my heart and being as my own, as naturally as their younger brother and sister are.)

At my middle grandson and granddaughter’s elementary school, it was their annual “Dads’ and Donuts Day” before class, and as their dad and my son both had to work, they asked me to be “dad” for the day.

I picked them up and drove them to school, and they were all smiles and talkative to me, very animated, on the way.

I felt honestly wanted, not just a fill-in.

Once in the cafeteria, we all got our donut and orange juice, and chatted about whatever came to their mind until the time was up.

As we stood, granddaughter gave me a sweet hug. Grandson (the “big” 5th-grader) put his hand on my back and gave me a side bump (I figured that was all the public affection permissible in a room full of his friends), and, shyly, quietly thanked me for being with him.

They then had to show me where their classrooms were and, after I said I’d leave them then so they could hang with their friends before the start of class, I got a long, arms-around-me-head-on-chest loving bear hug from the “big” fifth-grader. He thanked me again, and then head back and staring, locking eyes with me, repeating himself with emphasis in his voice.

They made my day. I think, maybe, I made theirs.

As I drove away, I couldn’t help thinking of how much I want to do this with my son’s two, my baby grandson and granddaughter, when it’s their turn.

As I said, no deep thought today.

Just the memory of the love and affection shown to me those precious few minutes by two kids who have accepted me into their lives as their grandfather. And if just for those few minutes, their “dad”.


A special kind of joy.

I don’t know about the quote above, about grandchildren being grandparent’s toys, but I know, deep inside, that those two kids weren’t “toying” with me, the love and affection we have and share together is anything but.



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