Letting It Go

“Often times, the greatest peace comes of surrender.”

― Richard Paul Evans

Those who know me at all know that I’ve been capable of a rant or rave over anything that I think is wrong, ignorant or just plain stupid, or over anything that I don’t understand but feel I must. It’s never personal, just rhetorical, a thinking outloud, loudly. Admittedly, it’s something I need to work on.

The usual culprit is others. Sometimes what some people say or do, or not, can drive me crazy. When someone does or says something that I say, “That’s stupid!”, I don’t mean the person is, only what they said or did is – I often say the same about myself, they’re no more stupid than I am – and I’m not stupid – we all just do or say stupid things once in a while. 

It use to be over religion, but some time ago I came to the realization that I needed to just let it go, it isn’t important enough to fight or argue over, people are going to believe in what works for them, as I do for me. I may find their beliefs utterly unfathomable, but whatever floats their boat is fine with me, so long as their wake doesn’t try to rock my boat.

And then there’s politics and government. It’s been hard to adopt the same restraint because, while I’ve no problem with what others believe politically (as wrong-headed as I might find it), when those like-minded whom I believe to be wrong become the majority, I’m forced to accept whatever they will do. And that can rock my boat, it can affect my person – restricting my actions, having to live with those that I find abhorrent in others, where my taxes go, mess with my retirement or healthcare (the list goes on).

So imagine my self-surprise in the wee am hours yesterday as our state and national election results were finalized, when I simply turned the tv off and went to bed not caring a whit that most of the candidates and ballot issues I supported lost, or that only 55% of all registered, eligible voters bothered to vote.

I’d surrendered.

And in doing so I’ve discovered an unexpected peace within, I can only hope that my boat stays afloat, but what will be will be.

And to trust my God to steer me and mine safely through any troubled waters.

– Bill


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