My New Conspiracy Theory

“hidden agenda – noun: an often duplicitously undisclosed plan or motive.”

– Dictionary 

A reader sent me “Trump transition team is asking the Department of Energy for the names of people within the agency who have supported climate change”, ending with “And they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me” (a reference to the quote by Martin Niemöller I used in my Dec. 5th post, For Whom the Bell Tolls Next.)

To which I responded, “And so it begins.”

I, too, had read that news item and it got me to thinking. 

(I continued in my response), “A new era of McCarthy-ism meets Inquisition…” 

 [You may remember Republican US Senator Joe McCarthy (or hopefully studied about him in school) who, beginning in 1950 at the start of the cold war against the Soviet Union, held numerous hearings as chairman of the Senate Committee on Government Operations investigating American citizens as Communist sympathizers and spies inside the federal government and elsewhere. It became known as the “Red Scare” (he also conducted hearings that became known as the “Lavendar Scare”, targeting and rooting out homosexuals.) Hundreds of innocent citizens were called before his committee to defend themselves, their beliefs, practices and patriotism. Regardless of their innocence, the mere accusations against them resulted in their being fired and blacklisted – forbidden further employment in the government or military (his search wasn’t limited to only government employees, it ranged far and wide to include the TV and movie industries, as well, among others.) By 1954, his reckless and unsubstantiated accusations and attacks resulted in the public’s uproar that resulted in the Senate’s vote to censure him.

And you may have studied about the Inquisition that started in the 12th century by the Catholic Church and didn’t end until it was abolished in the early 19th century (although the institution still exists as part of the Papal States under the new name “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”), where church leaders called before them people accused of heresy and sectarianism, witchcraft, and science that conflicted with religious beliefs (e.g., Galileo Galilei’s proof that the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun, and not everything revolves around the Earth, as the church taught. He was convicted of heresy and confined to “house arrest” until he died. He was lucky – most convictees were branded, drawn and quartered, hung, and/or burned at the stake after torture-induced “confessions” of guilt.)]

(And concluded my response with) “…against science and rational thinking and all available empirical evidence? The alt-Right claims of climate change being merely a lie [put forth by Liberals] masks the real reason for their position – they are really in bed with Big Oil.”

Is my conclusion really far-fetched? 

I won’t go into the details (you can do your own research), but upwards of 95% of all scientists (and they can’t all be liberal conspirators) agree that mankind is responsible for exasperating – if not the primary cause of – our world-wide climate change, due to carbon emissions (and some lesser factors.)

Now, most carbons come from the burning of fossil fuels – principally oil products. The only way to restore climate balance is through the use of alternate energies – solar and wind power, for example, and the elimination of petroleum-based energy.

But that is an attack on the profits of Big Oil. Big Oil is a major, substantial donor to the Republican Party. It is almost exclusively conservative Republicans, especially from oil producing states, who say climate change is false science. 

Trump and members of his incoming administration all have ties to Big Oil – proposed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (is the CEO of Exxon Mobil), proposed head of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt (who, as attorney general of Oklahoma let oil industry lawyers draft letters to regulators on his behalf), proposed head of the Energy Department former Texas governor and republican candidate for president Rick Perry (who campaigned pledging to eliminate that department), proposed US Attorney General Jeff Sessions (senator from Alabama, who is a confessed climate change denier and would as AG oversee the government’s defense of environmental rules – or not), and proposed Department of Interior head Ryan Zinke (who, as representative from Montana, has said public lands should be sold off for oil exploration).

The US and Russia are two of the largest oil producing and exporting nations in the world outside OPEC. Trump is a big fan of Russia’s Putin. Putin and Tillerson have worked together for 20 years. Putin has awarded Tillerson with a medal, the Russian Order of Friendship.

Are you starting to see a big picture here? Connect the dots. The incoming “McCarthy’s” are already instituting an “Inquisition” to purge the government of climate change claimers and replacing them with climate change deniers who are carrying water for the oil companies, who also have ties with that other oil producing giant, Russia.

I smell a hidden agenda behind the new administration’s claim that there is no climate change and its ties to Big Oil.

I wonder if there is, and if so what, might be a hidden agenda behind the new administration’s friendliness with Russia, that other oil producer.

Or am I just pulling a “McCarthy-ism”?

– Bill


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