“You can’t believe everything people tell you – not even if those people are in your own brain.” 

― Jefferson Smith

I’ve often wondered if my life today would be substantially different if I’d ignored some of the voices in my head and done something other.

I guess I’ll never know, because my life now is, for the most part, the result of my past choices, including the times when I did nothing because I couldn’t discern a clear choice among the cacophonic din of my inner voices.

Or I did nothing because they all offered me choices that were out of my comfort zone.  I simply was afraid.

I think most people live by the expression, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

We choose to stay the way we are or with things we know, than to risk something new; better to deal with something bad we know than with something new we don’t, the new thing might be even worse.

Change is intimidating.

Change isn’t the enemy, it is the fear of it that is.

My life beyond today doesn’t need to be limited or defined by fear and doing nothing as a result; I could choose to change those things about me that bedevil me.

I’d just have to ignore my fear of change and listen to that one voice promising a happier life, a happier me.

Or not.

That SOB whispering in my inner ear has lied before.

– Bill


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