“I’ll have another pint, please!”

“To put it mildly, Beer Geeks are particular about the beer they drink. They don’t waste time, money, and liver capacity on bad beer, and they put a formidable amount of thought into the beer they consume. But consume they do, and impressively well.”

― Patrick Dawson

Back on Nov. 14, in my posting “Caffenate Me”, I related my love for coffee, how it is the #1 beverage imbibed in the world and that the #4 most common is beer (#2 being another favorite of mine, tea, and #3 being orange juice – especially with a dash of champagne!)

To put it mildly, I’m a beer geek. I won’t subject my wallet or taste buds to pilsners and the like, especially those made for sale in the US, and never – ever – anything with “Lite” attached to it. If it looks like p*ss it probably tastes like p*ss and, as a favorite aunt of mine use to say, “Put it back in the horse it came from.”

No sir, I very much prefer the ales, particularly stouts, of which there are several I enjoy from some craft breweries. But in the general market there is only one stout – the benchmark by which I measure all other stouts – that truly delicious and taste-satisfying Irish stout favored world-wide by serious beer lovers – Guinness Extra Stout.

So, being of Irish lineage and a lover of Irish stout, when one of my two favorite daughter’s-in-law posted on Facebook that Sean’s Bar in Ireland is the oldest continuously operated pub in the world (nice piece of trivia, that. If  you’ve read my last two posts here, you know me and trivia), I set out to verify that claim. 

Found it to be apparently true according to many web sites, but as www.http://bucketlistbars.com/news-articles2/107-5-oldest-bars-in-the-world  notes, “a caveat: this is as far as we know! There may be some bar nobody has found somewhere tucked away in Greece or Italy that’s been there longer, but we can’t find it online! Nobody’s written about it… [and]… Archeological records have found that the walls of Sean’s Bar in Athlone, Ireland have been around, and serving, since 900 AD. Further, there are records of every owner of the pub back to its 10th century founding [with a] certificate from Guinness [World Book of Records] legitimizing” their claim.

Now, the wife and I have been talking about taking a really nice holiday somewhere (another cruise, this time to Hawaii, Alaska, the eastern Caribbean?), Canada (again?), the British Isles (having lived briefly in England, I’d like that), or…maybe Ireland?

Always wanted to go to Dublin. That’s where they make Guinness. And their brewery offers tours and – of course – tastings!

Sean’s Bar in Athlone sounds like an interesting side trip.

Have to add that to the bucket list.

– Bill


2 thoughts on ““I’ll have another pint, please!”

    1. Whiskey Nut. Love the name! Ach, don’t know whether to thank you or curse you – thank you for your courtesy of informing me of their special whiskey, or damn you for teasing me that it is a limited edition that will probably not be around if and when I get there. Which I I probably won’t, or if I do it probably won’t, so a mhac, have a dram (or two) for me. Slainte!

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