Wants vs Needs

“Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.” 

― Gena Showalter

That’s one of the hardest truths in life to accept: Are we ever really sure about what we need, or are we unconsciously morphing our want into a need? Are we allowing our Id (self-gratification) to override our Super-ego (critical thinking) while our Ego (the mediator between the two) is out to lunch?

Put another way:  Sometimes we don’t need what we want.

How to know if what I want is really what I need, or do I really need what I want?

Beyond what I need to merely survive, what needs do I have, really? None, physically.

But I can have emotional or comfort needs that I want fulfilled.

Since recorded time, philosophers and mental health experts have told us to find such fulfillment within ourselves, and not look to the world or others to meet those needs because they won’t (or can’t always meet our expectations if they try), which gives rise to fustration and anger when we expect them to.

Mommy always, wisely, said, “Don’t let your wants hurt you.”

Something to think about.

– Bill


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