Me, Myself and I – Friends Of Mine

“Denial is commonly found among persons with dissociative disorders. My favorite quotation from such a client is, “We are not multiple, we made it all up.” I have heard this from several different clients. When I hear it, I politely inquire, “And who is ‘we’?”

― Alison Miller

There are these three close friends of mine, Me, Myself and I.

It’s really fun when they’re all together on the same page.

But whenever a decision needs to be made, it usually ends up two against one, with Me the loser.

When that happens, I (who cares a lot for Me) says to Myself (the one who sometimes listens), “What about Me?”

Myself answers, “What difference does it make?”

“It might matter to Me,” I can only respond.

“It only matters what We think,” Myself answers.

“And who is ‘We’?” I ask Myself.

“Us,” Myself declares.

“Who is “Us’?” I wants to know.

“Obviously, We are Us,” explains Myself.

“And ‘We’ doesn’t include Me?” I object.

“Well, as long as We agree, why should it matter to Me?” Myself asks.

“It matters to Me,” I says.

 “You’re delusional,” Myself mutters.

“You’re in denial,” I responds.

Me, listening to the conversation between I and Myself, for once agrees and decides to dissociate, “That ‘We’ and ‘Us’, that’s just made up stuff. From now on, the only one that matters is Me!”

I and Myself can only think, “Good luck with that.”

– Bill


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