The Difference Between God And Man

“You don’t need miracles in the west. You have insurance.”

― Brother Yun

The only thing miracles and insurance share in common is that when something bad happens, you need one or the other to get by.

The difference between miracles and insurance is, where receiving a miracle is free, getting and keeping insurance is going to cost you big bucks – assuming you even have access to it (and I have to laugh every time I hear the Administration or Congressional leaders speak about how their replacement plan to “Obama Care” will guarentee everyone “access” to health insurance. Access means nothing if you can’t afford the high cost to have it.)

I’ve written before on healthcare, especially comparing America’s corporate-for-profit style that leaves millions of people without any because of high costs or denial of availability, versus the universal healthcare provided to their citizens by almost every other first-world nations. 

And since it’s probably the hotest topic concerning Americans right now, I’ve wanted to write more. But I’ve been unable to come up with anything as good as I read in the paper today, “What Would Jesus Say To Paul Ryan?”:

I encourage you, whether or not you believe Jesus is God, Son of God, a great prophet, or anything else, to read the above article. I wish I could express as well the apparent attitude many of America’s leaders hold on the subject of healthcare.

It’ll be a miracle if Americans get any decent and affordable insurance.

– Bill


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