When Universes Collide

You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind.”

― Yoko Ono

With all the disheartening drama of anger, political intrigue, sword-rattling, war and the like these days, I needed a good laugh and found it in one of the blogs I follow and enjoy on wordpress.com:

I Only Ask Two Things

I’m not sure what Yoko meant by what she said, but taken with what Mitch had to say, I was led to the conclusion that the concept of the multiverse – that countless universes occupy time-space in addition to our own – may or may not be true in the macro sense, but it is in the micro sense; each of us is a world unto ourselves within a universe of our own making, and our world is the center of that universe, nothing else is as important, everything – and everyone else – is subordinate to ourself. That’s human nature, that’s how we’re wired, that’s how we each perceive whatever we conceive as reality.

And I have no problem with that. The conflict is when our individual universes collide.

So maybe that explains all the drama of anger, political intrigue, sword-rattling, war and the like these days – everybody’s universes colliding, and nobody willing to be #2, or #3 (or whatever) in someone else’s universe.

To which I reply, “Hey, keep your distance – there’s plenty of room for everybody – so give me some space. Live and let live. But if you feel the need to invade my world, don’t get all pissy if I don’t think yours is everything that should matter to me!”

Unless, of course, you’re someone I love and am loved by. We can join our universes. We can share some time-space being each other’s #1.

– Bill


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