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For years I had written a private, by subscription-only blog and my readers encouraged me to take it public. So here it is.

My posts are usually twice a week and somewhat eclectic in that there is no prevailing theme (other than the human condition) although psychology, science and politically-related musings predominate, all usually based on something currently in the news. Each posting usually starts with a quote by someone past or present that speaks to the topic, followed by my thoughts on the subject, which are sometimes serious and personal, sometimes just humorous, sometimes intentionally provocative (to make the reader assess their own thoughts on the subject and to elicit a comment).

Naturally, any and all comments are welcomed and encouraged.

And I encourage you to hit the “follow” button. Not that I count follows egotistically as some probably do for bragging rights or because everything I write is something brilliant. Or because everything I post will interest you. But maybe something might and you’d never know otherwise!

Hope you enjoy!

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